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reel_startrek's Journal

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{ welcome to reel_startrek! }

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Star Trek characters
would handle some of the situations you see on the big screen?

How would things fare if Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise was playing the lead?
Ever imagined Chekov as the young hobbit faced with the grievous task of casting Sauron's ring into Mount Doom?
Maybe you just want to give the gang lightsabres or have them skip along the yellow brick road.

Well here's your chance! You're the director here.

How To Participate :
1. Join and friend the community!
2. Pimp the community!
3. Grab a prompt and join in!

Hurry, sign ups will start on the 1st of June and close on the 20th.
From there you'll have until the 1st of September to post your finished fic to the comm.

What's Allowed :
Fanfic or Fanart (or both!)
Slash, Het or Gen.
G to NC17
Any part of the Star Trek franchise, including RPF.

Rules :
The first rule of this comm? Talk about this comm!
The more people who sign up, the more awesome fics we'll have to read come September.
Be excellent to each other.
If you're posting or reading NC-17 fic, please don't be underage.
Any questions? Check out the FAQ! And have fun!

--- --- --- --- ---

Based on the kickass communities reel_spn and reel_sga
(check them out if you get a chance!!)

layout credits headers by mellaithwen.